Empower You Ventures is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations succeed.

Empower You Ventures, LLC is a Media & Self-Development Company that empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to increase their reach in the marketplace by discovering their passion, purpose, and personal story.

CEO-Founder: Charles McKaye

Empower You Ventures, LLC was founded by Charles McKaye in March 2021. The goal of the company is to serve new entrepreneurs and community leaders by increasing their reach and influence in the marketplace. With that goal in mind, Charles started the "Detroit Metro Plug Podcast" which features interviews of Detroit "Difference Makers" in the area of entrepreneurship and community involvement. Through this media platform, he serves to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders increase their reach through social media. He aims to serve as a small business advocate and bring positive connections to the Metro Detroit community.

Charles has a passion for serving others and helping individuals discover their purpose and passion to unlock their full potential. He holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and a Master of Management from Davenport University. He is a Certified Life Coach from IAP Career College.